How You Can Avoid Gum Surgery, Keep Your Teeth and Save on Dental Bills

“If you have gum disease or periodontitis and have bad breath, receding gums, bleeding gums or loose teeth and your dentist told you that you have a more severe gum disease than gingivitis and that you must have gum surgery read below before making any decisions.”

James Hart

For those that have gum disease or periodontitis and are seeking an alternative to gum surgery now there is hope. Yes, you can avoid gum surgery and other dental procedures and solve your gum disease problems.

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There is hope for your gum disease problems.

Do you have periodontitis, the severe form of periodontal disease or gum disease?  If you are over thirty-five you are likely to suffer from periodontitis, the more advanced form of gum disease (gingivitis is the milder form). Gum disease is often used instead of periodontitis, as this word is a tongue twister for many people.

The following symptoms can indicate that you have gum disease. Note however that often there are no symptoms to warn you of any form of gum disease. (Some symptoms are similar to gingivitis, the milder form of gum disease.)

The major symptoms are:

1. You have bleeding gums (gums bleed when you brush or floss).
2. You have bad breath.
3. You may have an unpleasant taste in your mouth.
4. Your gums are tender, red or swollen.
5. You may have noticed puss on your gum-line.
6. You have loose teeth.
7. You feel pain or discomfort when chewing.
8. Your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold foods or beverages.
9. Your teeth look longer due to gum recession.
10. A gum abscess may form.
11. Your health has declined.

The American Academy of Periodontology (along with the ADA – American Dental Association) has estimated that thirty-two million Americans have periodontitis. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss for people over thirty-five years old. A survey conducted by The National Institute of Dental Research revealed that one out of eleven Americans has lost all their teeth.

The gum disease bacteria (plaque) force the gum to detach from the tooth forming a pocket. The bacteria at the base of the pocket cannot be reached by brushing, flossing and irrigating. Out of reach and often without symptoms, the gum disease bacteria deepen the pocket and continue to destroy the bone which supports the teeth.

If you have gum disease or periodontitis, the germs in gum pockets have already destroyed some of the bone that supports the teeth. If you do not destroy the gum disease bacteria, your pockets will deepen. More bone will be lost. Your gum-line will recede. Your teeth will look longer. You will get loose teeth and in a short time they will fall out!

The germs that cause gum disease have been connected to heart disease, gastric ulcers and sinusitis. The germs are also suspect in a host of other ailments. This is another reason why it is so important to kill the gum disease bacteria in deep pockets.

To patients affected with gum disease or periodontitis, dentists often recommend root planing. This is an expensive, time consuming and painful procedure. Root planing shaves part of the tooth surface which can make the teeth sensitive to hot and cold drinks and more prone to decay. So the teeth pay a price in the hope of improving gum health.

Dentists and periodontists often recommend gum surgery. Surgery may require up to twenty costly office visits. As many as forty injections, thirty incisions and multiple stitches may be necessary. Post surgical pain and a lengthy recovery period are common. Gum surgery and root planing do not cure gum disease and may need to be performed a second time. Naturally most people want to avoid these invasive procedures the first time. Gum surgery is performed on the four quadrants. Many patients never complete the four procedures for various reasons.

The goal of gum surgery and the Smile Method with the use of the VitaPick™ are essentially identical; that is to kill the bacteria in the deep pockets. It is the bacteria in the deep pockets that cause the destructive and progressive nature of periodontitis. Dentists insert antibiotic fibers to destroy the bacteria in the deep pockets because the object is to kill the harmful bacteria and stop bone loss and gum recession.Antibiotic fibers work very well in killing the deep bacteria for a while. This, however, is not a long term answer as antibiotics are not to be used as a maintenance program.

Briefly, gum surgery removes part of the gum making the pocket shallow and again accessible to brushing, flossing and irrigating. If brushing flossing and irrigating did not halt the progression of periodontitis the first time, why will they work after the surgery? This unanswered question is one reason many choose not to have gum surgery performed to help stop gum disease progression.

For good results to be attained, it matters less on the the gum surgery and more on how well, how often and how much time the patient spends on the maintenance routine. The maintenance routine after gum surgery often is longer than that recommended by the Smile Method.

The VitaPick™ can deliver the antiseptic (salt and peroxide solution) or antibiotic solution to the base of the deep pocket. The good news is that certain antiseptics kill the offending bacteria. However, they must be applied directly on the bacteria. Applying the antiseptic nearby will not kill the bacteria! These antimicrobials then kill the harmful gum disease causing bacteria and stop the disease process.

So in a nutshell these are the similarities and differences with gum surgery and the Smile Method. One major consideration is that the Smile Method takes about the same or less time than the maintenance program after the gum surgery.

The Smile Method – How to Avoid Gum Surgery and Dentures is written with the view that the public is intelligent and can make health decisions on their own. It encourages them to take command of their dental decisions. It urges them to find a dentist that they can have a dialog with, not a one way conversation.

Now even more important is “how do I know that the Smile Method is effective?” In The Smile Method – How to Avoid Gum Surgery and Dentures there are three chapters that help the sufferer answer this question and what to do.

Brushing, flossing, mouth-washing, and irrigating at best can only destroy the bacteria in the shallow pockets. The proof is that if these methods were so good at killing the bacteria in shallow pockets then your pockets would not have deepened. None of these conventional dental hygiene methods or dental scaling performed by your dentist reach, let alone kill, the bacteria in the deep pockets.

Dental irrigators are especially dangerous because the high pressure employed can damage the delicate gum tissue. The stream directed into deep pockets drives the bacteria deeper. A dangerous and painful abscess may form.

If only there was a simple, painless and safe way to destroy the bacteria at the base of deep pockets! It is the gum disease causing bacteria at the base of the deep pockets that cause the dangerous erosion of the underlying bone which supports the teeth.

Now available is a technique that can kill the destructive gum disease causing bacteria in pockets three times deeper than conventional means. The VitaPick™ is a durable and re-usable (manual, non electric) pen-size applicator uniquely designed to deliver antiseptic solutions in gum pockets up to 12 mm deep. The VP gently bathes the pockets with powerful natural antiseptics such as salt solution and hydrogen peroxide.

The salt solution you make at home with table salt and the peroxide you can purchase locally. This solution is very safe and very economical. Other natural antiseptic solutions are also mentioned in The Smile Method – How to Avoid Gum Surgery and Dentures but it is difficult to beat the safety (and cost) of these natural antiseptics. Just as important, this solution kills the gum disease bacteria.

The reason the VitaPick™ works is because it applies the antiseptic solution to the base of even the deepest pocket, directly on the germs. It is the deep bacteria that erodes the supporting bone, recede the gum line and cause tooth loss. So when these powerful antiseptics kill the destructive bacteria the disease process stops progressing.

Kill the harmful bacteria,
the disease process stops
and healing begins!

In 1981, the author of the Smile Method, was diagnosed with advanced periodontitis. He spent many years looking for a way to avoid gum surgery and root planing. During this time he developed the VP. He use it periodically to kill bacteria in his deep pockets. As a result his gums are healthier and no longer bleed when flossing. He no longer gets gum abscesses. His breath does not have the odor of disease. Best of all he has not lost any teeth. He avoided gum surgery and saved over three thousand dollars on dental bills.

Let me stress however that this is not about how well the Smile Method is doing for the author, nor the references nor the testimonials, but what is important is that it works for the sufferer, and more importantly is that one is not guessing about one’s gum health and can verify effectiveness.

Even if your periodontitis is advanced or the result of diabetes, osteoporosis or improper dental care, the VP can help improve your gum health. As you kill the destructive bacteria and your gum health improves, you will notice the following:

1. Your gums will stop bleeding when you brush and floss.
2. Your breath will freshen.
3. Your loose teeth will tighten up. Teeth considered hopeless can often be saved.
4. Pain or tooth hypersensitivity will be reduced or eliminated.
5. Gum abscesses will stop forming.
6. Your gum line will stop receding. Your gums will firm up.
7. Your other health problems that are directly or indirectly linked to periodontitis may improve.

If you have early, moderate or advanced periodontitis, you now have a home-care technique available to help you improve your gum health. The VP is uniquely designed to quickly kill the bacteria in the deepest pocket and save your teeth.

The VitaPick™ is the ONLY practical way
to kill bacteria in deep pockets

The easy to follow 160 page book, The Smile Method – How to Avoid Gum Surgery and Dentures:

1. Illustrates how to use the VP to kill the shallow and deep pocket bacteria.
2. How to locate your gum pockets.
3. Which antiseptics are the safest and most effective to use.
4. So that you are not guessing about your gum health, learn a few easy ways to verify that your are successfully killing the bacteria.
5. Lists all the problems associated with gum surgery and root planing.
6. Lists all the problems associated with using irrigators around deep pockets.
7. This book covers everything about the natural home treatment of advanced gum disease or periodontitis. It has complete references from research conducted by the American Dental Association to the American Natural Hygiene Society.

You Can Save Hundreds of
Dollars on Dental Bills!

The Smile Method can help you avoid gum surgery and save you hundreds and maybe even a few thousand dollars. Gum surgery is very expensive. Dental implants are even more expensive


The single most important thing that you can do to stop gum disease from causing additional bone loss and loosing your teeth is to kill the gum disease producing germs at the base of deep pockets. Yes, brushing and flossing must also be employed but unless you kill the bacteria at the base of the deep pocket you have done nothing to stop the progression of gum disease or periodontitis. This is what the Smile Method along with the VitaPick™ are designed specifically to do. Even more impotently the Smile Method book has two chapters that guide you to verify effectiveness so that you are not guessing about your gum health. If you have periodontitis I highly recommend that you read this book.

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